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Teaching Resources

  The following links have been set up specifically for students in the structural geology classes at the University of Queensland. All have been enabled for access from the laboratory computers.

Rick Allmendinger's structure class GS_326 at Cornell
Prakash P. Roday's site at H S Gour University (a great site for links to animations)
LearningGeoscience's site in Norway (a source of superb alternative teaching modules)
Dr Gary Girty's site at San Diego State University (contains some great visualisation animations and tools)
Ben A. van der Pluijm's EarthStructure textbook site at UMichigan. (This site also contains substantial links to other resources)
VIEPS Microstructures course (
Neil Manktelow's site on Deformation and Microstructure at ETH, Zurich
The Dislocation Gallery (a gallery of dislocation/defect animations)
Movies of numerical simulations of microstructure by Piazolo, Bons, Jessell, Evans & Passchier
Claudia A. Trepmann thesis on microstructural criteria in real rocks. (Contains some excellent optical and electron microphotographs of natural microstructures).
Journal of the Virtual Explorer (An electronic-only journal of geology)
and in particular:
Stress, strain and structure, edited Jessell and Urai. Chapters from this electronic text include:
Urai & Humphreys paper presenting a number of microstructure analogue movies
Deformation Microstructures in Quartzo-feldspathic Rocks by Tullis, J., Stünitz, H., Teyssier, C. and Heilbronner, R. 2000.
An Online Introduction to Mohr Circles by Andy R. Bobyarchick


General Structural Geology links
Structural Geology Resources on the web (a site currently maintained by Smith College, Ma)
Specialist Group in Structural Geology and Tectonics, Geol Soc Australia

  Software links


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ASTER: Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer
Geocentric Datum of Australia
Geoscience Australia (Combined AGSO-Auslig)
Global 30-Arc-Second Elevation Data Set
MapInfo Home Page
Scanned 1:250,000 geology maps - index to standard map sheets Geoscience Australia

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