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Adjunct Professor: University of Queensland
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Adjunct Prof Structural Geology
School of Earth Sciences
The University of Queensland
Adjunct Professor



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Structural Geology Consultant:
Holcombe Coughlin & Oliver

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Telephone: +61 (0) 402 859 610


Rod Holcombe (BSc Hons Sydney; PhD Stanford)

After more than 30 years of academic life, the last 15 of which had been spent in exploration applied research and consulting, I now split my time between commercial consulting (Holcombe Coughlin and Associates) and applied research at the University of Queensland.

My expertise is in the structural analysis of metamorphic rocks, and my main interest is in the geological architecture and formation of mountain systems, both modern mountain ranges and eroded ancient mountain belts, particularly the characterisation of strain and flow kinematics of metamorphic rocks and shear zones, the evolution of orogenic belts, and the structural control of mineralisation. Additionally I have an interest in developing computer applications applied to mapping and structural analysis, and links to these can be found on this page.

My field experience has been divided between strongly deformed Precambrian metamorphic terranes (eg., Mount Isa, New Mexico, Southern Appalachians, Yilgarn, Finland, Brazil, Uruguay, Siberia, West Africa) and Phanerozoic continental margin orogens (Australian NEFB, Argentine and Peruvian Andes, Alpine Fault, New Zealand), and related Tethyan terranes in the Balkans, and Southeast Asia. I have also had passing experience in a variety of other terranes in the US, Scandinavia, and Australia.

My current research focus is the linkage between the tectonics of eastern Australia and Southeast Asia, and the extent of Transamazonian extension in the evolution of eastern South America.

Dr Rod Holcombe
66 Tallai Rd
Queensland 4213
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