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Rod Holcombe Research

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The following lists some of the various research projects I have been involved in (with links), the type of project, and research colleagues and postgrad students to whom I owe so much (listed in no particular order)

Project regions

Associates and students
NEFB (New England Fold Belt, Qld, Australia)
Phanerozoic low grade structure, geochron, tectonics, & metallogenesis
Tim Little, Chris Fielding, Chris Stephens, Renate Sliwa, David Gust, Scott Bryan, Terry Harbort, Lorraine Campbell, + numerous Honours students
Mount Isa
Proterozoic mid to high grade metamorphic shear zone structure & tectonics
Paul Pearson, Nick Oliver, Ricky Gordon, Renate Sliwa, ....
Alpine Fault, New Zealand
Phanerozoic mid-grade microstructure, structure, & kinematics
Tim Little
Phanerozoic low grade structure, geochron & tectonics

Tim Coughlin; Anthony Harris;
Arne Scherrenberg

Proterozoic high grade shear zone structure
Nick Oliver
Quadrilatero Ferrifero, Brasil
Archean low-mid grade structure and metallogenesis
Marcio Sales, Tim Coughlin, Nick Oliver...
Picuris, New Mexico
Proterozoic mid-grade structure
Jon Callendar; Mike Williams; Paul Bauer
Ducktown/Ocoee, Tennessee
Proterozoic microstructure & structure
PhD project
Cooma Complex, Adaminaby
Phanerozoic low-grade structure
Honours project
Denison Trough, Qld
Phanerozoic seismic structure
Serido Belt, NE Brazil
Mario N. C. de Araújo
Geoff Bell



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Holcombe Coughlin Oliver
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