Rod Holcombe Projects

The map shows the location of the various structural geology projects that I have worked on over the past 50+ years. They include pure and applied academic research, as well as consulting projects.

The following lists the major research projects I have been involved in (pure and applied), the type of project, and research colleagues and postgrad students to whom I owe so much (listed in no particular order, and with apologies for those I have missed)

Project regions Type of project Associates and students
NNEFB (Northern New England Fold Belt, Qld, Australia) Phanerozoic low grade structure, geochron, tectonics, & metallogenesis: Multiple projects Tim Little, Chris Fielding, Chris Stephens, Renate Sliwa, David Gust, Scott Bryan, Terry Harbort, Lorraine Campbell, + numerous Honours students
Mount Isa, Qld, Australia) Proterozoic mid to high grade metamorphic shear zone structure & tectonics Paul Pearson, Nick Oliver, Renate Sliwa, Rod Rayner, Steve Fraser, Ken Maclean, Shawn Lafferty, June Hill, Linda Hamilton, John Horton, Greg Jorgenson
Mica Creek-May Downs, Mt isa Proterozoic mid to high grade metamorphic shear zones structure & tectonics Ricky Gordon, Mark Carder, Chris Pratt 
Prominent Hill/Mt Woods, South Australia Proterozoic structure, 3D modelling, geomechanical modelling, & mineralisation Oz Minerals personnel; Nick Oliver; John McLellan
Alpine Fault/Glaciers area, NZ Phanerozoic mid-grade microstructure, structure, & kinematics Tim Little
Argentine Andes Phanerozoic low grade structure, geochron & tectonics; two projects Tim Coughlin, Anthony Harris
Peruvian Andes Phanerozoic low grade structure, geochron & tectonics Tim Coughlin, Arne Scherrenberg
Southern Finland Proterozoic high grade shear zone structure Nick Oliver; Matti Pajunen; Pietari Skytta
Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brazil Archean low-mid grade structure and metallogenesis Marcio Sales, Tim Coughlin, Nick Oliver, Mike Schmulian, Nick Fox
Paracatu, Brazil Proterozoic structure & mineralisation Nick Oliver, Brian Thompson,...
Picuris, New Mexico Proterozoic mid-grade structure Jon Callendar; Mike Williams; Paul Bauer
Serido/Borborema, NE Brazil Proterozoic microstructure & structure Mario N. C. de Araújo;  Fernando da Silva; Crusader Resources
Isla Cristalina/Uruguay  regional Proterozoic structure, tectonics, & mineralisation George Schroer, Alex Raab; Devin den Boer; Luis Bergali, Analia Pereira
Veduga, Siberia Proterozoic structure, 3D modelling, & mineralisation Phil Newton; Alexei Diner;  David Stock; Nick Fox
Ducktown/Ocoee Gorge, Tennessee Proterozoic microstructure & structure PhD project
Cooma Complex, Adaminaby, NSW Phanerozoic low-grade structure Honours project