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Oriented core resources

This page contains links to  oriented core material produced by Rod Holcombe. It includes a comprehensive manual dealing with orientation procedures and extracting useful structural data from oriented core.An early version of this manual was translated into Chinese and is also available here.
Other links are to printable wrap-around core protractors; and to one of my software applications [GeoCalculator], which can also recalculate geological orientations from structural core measurements.

Manual: Oriented core measurement and calculations

Pdf file that includes full description of oriented core procedures; including extracting structural information from unoriented core; instructions for manual stereographic plotting of core data; bias and error detection; QA/QC procedures; and some stereographic analytical procedures.
[Much, but not all, of this manual is included as Chapter 9 in the text: Mapping and Structural Geology in Mineral Exploration].
Download: [~5Mb]

This link [~4.8Mb) is to a Chinese translation of the above [translated by Zhu Fengsan, and organised by Greg Hall]. Note that this Chinese version is of an earlier edition than the English language version above.

Printable wrap-around protractors for measuring alpha and beta angles in oriented core©

Pdf file with printable wrap-around protractors for measuring alpha and beta angles in oriented drill core, plus simplified scaled logging sheets for rapid logs.
: [~6.7Mb]
Accompanies the manual: Oriented Core Measurement and Calculation Procedures

Graphical templates for plotting structural data©

Pdf file that includes stereographic projection nets (polar and equatorial); rose diagram templates, counting nets,...
Download: [~2Mb]