Teaching and Workshop downloads

This page contains a collection of all of Rod Holcombe's teaching and training workshops presentations for free download. They are pdf versions of the original Powerpoint slides.  

They are in three sets, with much overlap:

  1. The full set of structural geology modules developed for in-house presentation to mineral exploration clients either as a complete course or in individual modules.They are based on the undergraduate course listed below, but incorporate considerably more material and an additional degree of understanding. These workshop modules formed the basis for my textbook: Mapping & Structural Geology for Mineral Exploration...
  3. A reworked subset of some of the modules, prepared for a short-course format of 4-5 hours. These incorporate the same material but presented with a different slant.
  5. My complete undergraduate course (three years) at The University of Queensland as of 2004, my last year as a teaching Academic. Although these reflect a complete undergraduate Structural geology course, they are largely superceded by the full set of workshop training modules above.
Free to download and use