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Examples of Earth structures

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Structural images and Google Earth links

This site contains outcrop and Google Earth images of examples of various geological structures used by Holcombe Coughlin Oliver for training purposes. Visitors are invited to download any images for personal, academic, or teaching use, but are no permitted to redisplay the outcrop images (© Rod Holcombe) in any other web site.

The site is currently under construction and further images will be added in future. Click on any image for a higher resolution view. The Google Earth links will open and display the location in Google Earth if it is loaded on your system.

Thrust duplex west of Marseille, France

A small north-vergent thrust fault within a limestone sequence, exposed in a road cut west of Marseille, France, contains an excellent example of stacked duplexes. Many tens to hundreds of small duplex horses thicken the zone along the thrust at the southern end. Small duplexes occur within a backthrust zone at the northern end of the roadcut.

One placemark in this Google Earth link shows the location of the roadcut. Clicking (in Google Earth) on the other shows an oblique view of a large north-vergent recumbent fold system in the footwall of this thrust.

Annotated view of entire outcrop

View of main duplex system at southern end

Small duplex at northern end


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