Signs of Life

Over the years I have been amused by the small cameos of local cultures embedded in many types of road signs. Unfortunately many of these signs are being replaced by stylised "international" signs with very little character. It may be too late but I have recently started to collect photos of old-style "Children Crossing" signs (and will welcome others).
Do you think the signs match your prejudices or expectations? Some, such as the first one shown, just drip with drama? And my favourite has to be the air of insouciance in the (homemade) one found on a small backroad in Sweden.

left Turkey (the epitome of 'cool')
centre Egypt (Perhaps she feels faint!)
right Greece
France (3)
Style (and a cool hairdo) is everything!)
Hungary (3)
(these kids must eat a lot!)
left Czech Republic
(Where did she get that propellor hat?)
centre Slovak Republic (Is he begging her?)
right Slovak Republic (Whatever it is, she's definitely in control)
left Spain (Are they late for school?)
centre Italy
right Poland
left Germany (dominatrix?)
centre Austria
right Switzerland (oops, missed the bus)
left Ireland (Are they really not wearing shoes?)
centre England
right Canada
left Sweden (local, north) Why aren't they all this imaginative)?
centre Sweden
right Denmark
left Argentina
centre Brazil (anorexic version!)
right Brazil ((next village) - non-anorexic version!)
left Belgium
centre Australia (not sure the kids really wear tunics that short!)
right Finland
left   Spain
centre Italy (Tuscany)
right Uruguay

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