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Purchase GEOrient and GeoCalculator licences

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After a reasonable evalution period, GEOrient and GeoCalculator require licences for continued commercial use. (See note...)

Such licences will remain valid for at least the life of each major version number and can be used with any subsequent sub-version release. Any purchase made within one year of a new major version will be re-registered free for the new version. (Current registrations have remained valid for at least the past 4 years and it is anticipated that they will remain valid until the packages are revamped for the .NET environment, or are substantially changed in content).

Purchase licence...
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Licence types

Registration and payment procedure

  1. Download a package for evaluation.
  2. Pay or arrange payment:
    1. Single User licences: Pay for the licence using the Paypal credit card link below.
    2. Corporate/site licences: either pay immediately for the licence using the Paypal credit card link below; OR, send an email requesting registration to the author at: rod@holcombe.net.au. This email should indicate: 1) that it is for a corporate/site licence; 2) the email address for sending registration codes (if different); 3) the precise corporate User Name for registration (used to generate the Registration Codes and will appear as the name of the registered owner on the start-up pages); 4) an address to add to the invoice.
  3. After payment is received you will receive an email within 24 hours containing your registration codes. Register the packages in the Registration module using the supplied names and codes.

Single User licences must pay for the licence before registration codes are issued by email. Registration codes for Corporate/Site licence requests will be supplied by return email, with an Invoice for payment.

(Note that requests originating from all divisions of the following corporate entities must pay in advance by credit card (due to onorous corporate payment paperwork procedures with invoices): Similar conditions apply to any corporate entity that requires any further paperwork to pay a submitted invoice). The currently listed entities under this category are: BHP and all subsidiaries; RioTinto and all subsidiaries).

Purchase using eBay's PayPal facility:

The PayPal process automatically sends me an email from your email address notifying me of your payment. Unless you email me independently I will assume that the name on that PayPal notification is the require User Name for registration.
Registration details will be sent to the email address in the notification. This means that registration information may not reach users requiring webform requests before accepting email. No responsibility will be accepted for such emails with registration details not reaching their recipient.
[Note that I have had some instances where payment notification emails from PayPal have been sidetracked by my server's spam filters. If you don't get an email back from me with your registration details within 36 hours, send an email to me at rod@holcombe.net.au with a simple Subject heading (such as "GEOrient" ) and let me know the problem. Unfortunately, because of the volume of mail I get I can't afford to switch off my spam filter.]

Please ensure that the package ordered is the one required.
Registration codes for the wrong package cannot be retracted or reimbursed

GEOrient Single User licence

GEOrient Corporate/Site licence AUD$330
GeoCalculator Single User licence AUD$110
GeoCalculator Corporate/Site licence AUD$330

Note: Prices include GST for purchases made from Australia. Single User licences will only bei registered to an individual's name, not to a corporate name

Pay or



Although every effort is made to rectify bugs as they are recognised, the author cannot guarantee that these packages are without error, and assumes no responsibility for their use, or for interpretations based on their use.
Frequent field work commitments may occasionally delay my ability to handle email queries promptly

Conditions of use note for Academic and Commercial users :

For commercial users the unregistered download version can be used for evaluation purposes only, and must be registered for continued commercial use.
*ACADEMIC USE: The unregistered packages can be used freely (notes) by academics (teachers and students) for teaching and non-commercial research purposes, but please acknowledge the author in any publication or figure arising from the use of these packages. Academic users who wish to exceed the plot window restriction of GEOrient, or access the full File I/O capabilities and drillhole calculations of GeoCalculator must also purchase registration.

Address all software correspondence to Rod Holcombe at: Note: I will attempt to answer all email promptly, but I am commonly absent doing field work. Please bear with me if that causes a delay

email for software enquiries:

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