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Structural Geology - Mapping/GIS Software

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GEOrient© v9.x

plots and analyses stereographic projections and rose diagrams of geological structural data, copied and pasted from other applications, or read from text files. Wind rose options include plotting mean wind data (wind speed/wind frequency/wind energy).

- see bugfix history for the most recent changes

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Note: If you have any concerns about downloading programs from these sites please see the MacAfee site adviser information at: http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/holcombe.net.au

Download | Installation | Registration | Limitations | Academic use | Disclaimer


The software is specific to Microsoft Windows. (Users have reported that it does not install under Windows emulations on Macs)

GEOrient opens initially in its unregistered form, displaying an unregistered notice and inviting registration. The unregistered form of the program has all features enabled except that the maximum number of plot windows that can be opened simultaneously is restricted to 3, and the opening registration notice will continue to be displayed on startup. Registration (paid) removes both these restrictions and initially sets the default maximum number of plots at 10. (This number can be then be changed from within the Preferences dialog accessed from the View… menu).

*ACADEMIC USE: GEOrient packages can be used freely in their unregistered form by academics (teachers and students) for teaching and non-commercial research purposes, but please acknowledge the author in any publication or figure arising from its use. However, academic users who wish to use the registered version, which removes the plot window restrictions, must also purchase registration.
For commercial users the unregistered download version can be used for evaluation purposes only, and must be registered for continued commercial use after a reasonable evaluation period that must not exceed two months.

Although every effort is made to rectify bugs as they are recognised, the author cannot guarantee that these packages are without error, and assumes no responsibility for their use, or for interpretations based on their use.
Frequent field work commitments may occasionally delay my ability to handle email queries promptly

Download GEOrient:

Zip file (.zip) containing the full set of installation files for the current version of GEOrient [~7.3Mb]


GEOrient_Help.chm [~2Mb]
The compiled HTML Help file for GEOrient now installed as the default within GEOrient.
It can be downloaded and run independently. Open with Internet Explorer if it won't open directly by double clicking.
As part of Microsoft's security measures you now have to Unblock the .chm file in order view it. This site explains the procedure...
This link is another site that discusses the issues with viewing .chm files across networks.

Zip file containing the current Georient32v9.exe file alone [~780kB]
Those who have previously installed a recent version of GEOrient 9 can upgrade by a simple replacement of the exe file.  However, the new HTML Help File will not be accessible from within the GEOrient menus until the full installation is run. This file will NOT work if you have NOT previously installed Version 9 using the full installation version. If you have trouble running GEOrient after replacing this file then download and install the full file set]

Download the bugfix history (.txt file)

Georient32v9_4_5_zip.zip contains the previous version of GEOrient if users experience trouble with v9.5 and need to step back a version. Please let me know if such problems arise. (v9.5.0 contains a new link to the compiled HTML Help file that requires installation of some additional system files on some users systems. (Those not set up to read .chm files)

Notes:1) Previous versions of GEOrient are no longer distributed or supported
2) self-extracting zip .exe files will no longer be supplied (due to the wide availability of Winzip and equivalent extractors

Address all software correspondence to Rod Holcombe at:Note: I will attempt to answer all email promptly, but I am commonly absent doing field work. Please bear with me if that causes a delay

email for software enquiries:

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